1/48 Revell B-25 Doolittle Raider

signed by Col. Dick Cole

Gallery Article by Konley Kelley on June 9 2016



In August, 2015, the Commemorative Air Force B-29/B-24 Squadron held an event to remember the 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII. The VIP-special guest for this event was 99-year old, Col. Dick Cole, one of two living Doolittle Raiders and the co-pilot of plane #1 piloted by Col. Jimmy Doolittle on April 18, 1942.

I’ve met Col. Cole before and he has signed artwork and books for me. I have not built a model of his B-25 Mitchell for him to sign. Although I had a Revell 1:48 B-25 model in my stash, I was out of time to make a complete model before the event date.


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Coincidentally, I was hobby-shopping and spotted and bought another Revell 1:48 B-25 on the discount rack at a Hobby Town. I quickly painted two right wings OD and painted the deicer boots. At the event, Col. Cole signed both wings. I also had a gift for him. I had enough time to make his Doolittle Raider from the Revell 1:526 USS Hornet/Doolittle Raid kit. Here is Col. Cole pictured with my daughter Katie (who sang a beautiful National Anthem that morning) and his miniature B-25.

My Squadron buddy, Al Benzing, is a huge admirer of Col. Cole and has given him a personal tour of our Squadron’s B-24A Liberator “Diamond Lil.” Al has been a frequent collaborator on Squadron projects and gave me my first flying experience at the controls of a T-34. At the event, I told Al one of the Dick Cole signed B-25s would go to him. 

Fast forward to our annual B-24 Ground School in April, 2016. I finished Al’s B-25 Doolittle Raider and had it ready for a surprise delivery. This was also a custom build. I added a few features:

  • Enough clay and fishing weights for the aircraft to sit on its nose

  • A “Mark Twain” bombsight like the device that replaced the Norden bombsight for this special mission

  • Broomsticks for tail guns

  • Japanese peace medals to attach to the bombs

  • A “Frankensteined”-assembled figure to represent Dick Cole doing his checklist from the co-pilot’s seat (Jimmy is having a final discussion with Admiral Halsey on the bridge of the Hornet).

Al was thrilled with the kit and it now has a place of honor in his man-cave. I was very happy with how it turned out. Just one problem. I goobered up some of the clear parts so I essentially used a combination of the clear parts from both kits to make one model. Oh well…just need to find another B-25 model kit!

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Konley Kelley

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