1/48 Academy F15-E Strike Eagle

Gallery Article by Kenan Turhan "kenanturhan" on Aug 30 2016



Here are some photo of my just completed 1/48 Academy F15-E Strike Eagle.

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I dressed up the cockpit as I planned to pose the canopy open to show off the cockpit detail.  Painting and weathering was critical to me.  The F-15 in general is a pretty clean bird and I wanted some great looking nose art so I chose the U.S.A.F., Dragon Betty III, 4 FW, 336 FS, from  Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina as she appeared during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

My Strike Eagle is equipped with missiles, bombs and drop tanks to show the capability of this impressive aircraft and finished with subtle weathering.

Kenan Turhan

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Photos and text by Kenan Turhan