1/220 Transall C-260

Gallery Article by Dave Bailey, aka The Rat on Jan 1 2016

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In an attempt to increase the usefulness and sales of the Transall C-160, it was decided that a four-engined derivative should be constructed. Intended to serve in tropical areas, where extra power and lift would be of benefit, it was a simple conversion of the original airframe, with four Rolls Royce Tynes, increased span to create more lift and provide room for the extra engines, and fuselage plugs fore and aft of the wing. The main landing gear was also increased to six wheels per side in order to allow for greater payload. 

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The type was renumbered as the C-260. First flight took place in 1967, and it was painted in a two-tone tan and brown scheme, with light grey undersides, and the outside of the flight deck area painted white to reflect light and help keep the interior cool. 

Handling was smooth, with no unexpected vices, and the extra power increased the payload significantly. Demonstration flights took the aircraft to various destinations in Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and South America.

Unfortunately the projected unit cost was more than many prospective customers could bear, especially since the broadly comparable Lockheed C-130 Hercules was already a proven aircraft, and the program was terminated. Thoughts were given to using it as a company transport for large airframe components, but this was also deemed unnecessary, and no other civilian operators were forthcoming. The airframe was stored for a time at Toulouse, and was scrapped in 1971.

Dave Bailey

Photos and text by Dave Bailey