1/72 Hasegawa F-16A RTAF 103 SQN.

Gallery Article by Nat Krairojananan on Dec 10 2015

Constitution Day in Thailand



Royal Thai Airforce received Block 15 F-16s into service since 1988. The 103 Squadron is the first and oldest F-16s home. In the early service life, RTAF F-16s had ghost grey camouflage. Three tone grey camo was introduced shortly after that.

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My model was Hasegawa kit. It was first produced in 1983 so everyone could expect who good it is. I added Eduard PE for cockpit details and replaced kit seat with True Details resin seat. I also scribed some missing panel lines and rivets. This model represented its early service before Falcon STAR program. So, it had no stiffener plates and all walkways on its back were black.

I painted my model with GSI Mr. Color. The decals were from kit itself and Siamscale Decals. All loadout for early configuration were AIM-9Ps, AIM-9Ls, GBU-10s and three gas bags.

Nat Krairojananan

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Photos and text by Nat Krairojananan