1/72 Platz AC-4 Northrop Grumman RQ-4B

Gallery Article by Andreas Gordes “Goggo" on Oct 9 2015



Global Hawk NASA 872

NASA operated at least two Global Hawks, 871 and 872. They became famous during their automated aerial refueling. Both they look just gorgeous in the typical NASA painting!

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Whatever version NASA operates, it is not what is in the kit. Both the fuselage and the wings in the kit are different from the liveries the boxing is offering. Author assumes that the kit is a RQ-4A, while it meant to be a B version. The biggest visual difference is the main landing gear; in the kit single wheeled legs retract into sponsons, while the twin wheel gear of the real B version retracts into the fuselage with a thickened wing root..

The overall fit is average, lot of filling. The upper fuselage should be strutted apart and supported by distance pieces. The kit decals are of very good quality.

Thank you.

Andreas Gordes    ARC forum member "Goggo"

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