1/72 KP MiG-21MFs

Gallery Article by Tamás Skriba on Aug 20 2015



MiG-21MFs in the Hungarian Air Force

One airplane, two periods in the Hungarian Air Force. The MiG-21MF with the serial 9307 began his service in Papa in 1974 by the MN.5081 Fighter Wing, and it was withdrawn from service in 1997. In the first time the type wore metal color, after 1981 received the well known camouflage by the overhaul in Tököl. The old national insignia was replaced in 1990 by the wedge-shaped insignia used today. Nowadays the airplane is stored in Pápa.

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Both of the kits are from KP. They are old models, with advantages and disadvantages. As the metallic machine can be seen in flight, the few upgrades are self-made. New armament, new panel lines, and other goodies. The camouflaged plane was a bit more complicated. The landing gears are self-made, as the details in the cockpit, and the UB-16-57 rocket launchers. The KM-1 ejection seat and the canopy is from Pavla. 

The decals for both planes are from HADmodels. Happy modeling!

Tamás Skriba

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