1/72 Hasegawa Lockheed Martin F-16D

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles Goddet on Apr 30 2015



Lockheed Martin F-16D RSAF 20th Anniversary

This model is a Hasegawa 1/72 F-16D from Singapore Air Force. I decided to show this bird with an attractive paint scheme stationed at Luke AFB in Arizona. This special scheme represents the flag ship plane 96-605 for the 425th Fighter Squadron Black Widows. This paint scheme was for the 20th anniversary of training partnership with the F-16 between Singapore and USA. Arizona desert is a better space and place to fly training mission than the city state Singapore with it's small aerial space. I had the great opportunity to see this plane in real in March 2014 at Luke AFB airshow and to talk with the pilot (see my pics). I used a decal sheet from Miliverse reference MV-72004-2, decals are very accurate and easy to fit with perfect instructions ; thank you Mark (Miliverse boss). I followed Miliverse instructions regarding colors, the upper dark grey Gunze acrylic FS36118 H305, lower light grey camouflage Gunze acrylic FS36375 H308. I mixed these two colors with other standard grey F-16 camouflage grey FS36320 H307 for front fuselage and FS36270 H306 for nose. I added a light weathering because Singaporean planes are always clean and well maintained.


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I used a F-16D VISTA Hasegawa box with the dorsal resin spin used on export block 52, I added parts from the Academy F-16CJ to enhance the model (IFF nose antennas, non parachute end tail). I manufactured specific dish antenna on spine and a HUD for the rear place cockpit. I decided not to add armament or missiles only empty pylons with bomb ejector racks plus two wing tanks because I wanted to show the aircraft as I saw it at Luke. I added only from HASEGAWA aircraft weapons IX box targets pods AN/AAQ-28 LITENING pod on right side and AN/AAQ-13 Navigation pod on left side.

    I hope you like my model and pictures.  It was a real pleasure for me to assemble this jet that had I seen during my fantastic one week trip in West USA AB (Nellis, Davis Monthan, Yuma, Tucson, Luke), for an European jet fan guy it is the paradise. 10 F-16D block 52 were produced for PEACE CARVIN II contract in 1996-1998 for Singapore, 40 F-16D were produced for Singapore in total with some secret Israeli add ons ECM suite and Python-4 air air missiles capabilities.

Take care of Black Widows in the desert!

Jean-Charles Goddet

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Photos and text by Jean-Charles Goddet