1/87 Airmodel 87 Do-27

Gallery Article by Gerd Wilcken on May 4  2015



Today I present a model of a civilian Dornier DO-27 in service of “Feuerwehrflugdienst Niedersachsen” (Fire Air Service Lower Saxony /northern Germany).

For us aircraft modelers the model is in the non-conventional scale 1:87 (HO). I've found this model a few weeks ago on a Model Exhibition. It was particularly interesting for me to find this model, since there was mainly  railway models on exhibit.   A small company in Germany manufactures excellent vehicles, aircraft and helicopter models in partially limited edition. An overview can be found here:


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The DO-27 shown here in the version flew in the 60's - 80's in the state of Lower Saxony mainly in forest fire reconnaissance for the regional fire service.

The model is not just in addition for railway enthusiasts, it also provides the collectors of smaller aircraft standards an interesting alternative. It is provided with recessed engravings and shows for the small 1:87 scale an amazing amount of detail. A particular gimmick is a holder for the - dismantled- wings. However, this is mainly for the - also offered- German Air Force Do in rail transport. Some details such as cockpit colors and fittings shall be supplemented itself by internet research. The glass parts are thin and clear. Only when fitting the front window I had to rework a little bit.

A small but sufficient decal sheet is included.

I have built a scene at the airport Peine, where the crew is ready for the next monitoring flight. The figures are converted Luftwaffe airmen of the Company Preiser.

Enjoy the new scale and the photos.

Gerd Wilcken

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Photos and text © by Gerd Wilcken