1/48 Kinetic Grumman EA-6B Prowler

Gallery Article by Eric Hargett on Mar 3 2014



Derived from the successful A-6 Intruder, the EA-6B Prowler, a defensive electronic countermeasure platform for the United States Navy, first entered service in 1971.  Combining a fully integrated electronic warfare system with long range, all-weather capability, the Prowler supports strike aircraft, ships and ground troops by intercepting, analyzing and effectively neutralizing emissions from enemy early warning capabilities and electronic weapons systems.  Over the years EA-6B improvements have been many and varied to meet current and projected threats including the incorporation of the “high-speed anti-radiation missile” (HARM) and improved jamming capability.  The Prowler is projected to be operational through the year 2015 (http://www.history.navy.mil/planes/ea6.htm).

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I used Kinetic’s excellent 1/48 kit to represent an EA-6B Prowler (161348) assigned to VAQ-137 “Rooks”, aboard USS America CV-65 during 1991 that took part in Operation Desert Storm - the U.S. led air offensive of the Persian Gulf War that drove Iraq’s forces from Kuwait.

Enhancements to the Kinetic kit include:

  • 1) Aires EA-6B Prowler cockpit set

  • 2) Eduard canopy masks

  • 3) Scratch-built brake lines

  • 4) Super Scale decals 48-436 Desert Storm EA-6B Prowlers VAQ-131, VAQ-141, VAQ-137

Camouflage was the three-toned medium gray over dark gull gray over light gull gray.  Weathering, including paint touchups common to modern US naval aircraft, were performed with various tints/shades of the base colors, oils and pastels.


Eric Hargett

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