1/72 KP Sukhoi Su-7

Gallery Article by Kevin R. Ingraham on Jan 26 2014

  India Republic Day 


This is the old 1/72 kit from KP of the Soviet built Su-7 strike fighter built to portray an Indian Air Force fighter late in its career. The molds are from the 1970s and the loose fit and flash reflect the kit's vintage. This kit is not complicated but the bodywork demands patience. 

One of the few actual shortfalls in this kit are the air scoops and vents--these simply must be replaced or scratchbuilt. Quickboost resin #72423 fits the bill perfectly. I replaced the kit's drop tanks with Resin Art's #7307 and scratchbuilt the probes, guns and antennas many, many times--I proved to be quite adept at breaking them off. The Sukhoi attack-fighters proved to be very tough airframes. In Indian service, they gained a reputation for bringing their pilots home despite severe damage from enemy missiles and AAA. And so it proved with my model...with only one photo taken, it dove for the floor of my shop where the airframe showed itself to be as tough as the original, but alas, now sans probes and antennas, this photo shoot was over and I sent the photo to my friend Caz Dalton to situate over an Indian landscape through his photoshop magic. Thank you for the good work Caz. 

Kevin R. Ingraham


Photos and text by Kevin R. Ingraham