1/72 ICM MiG-25PD Part 3

Gallery Article by Yufei Mao on June 19 2013



Mr. Color C334 is the main colour I used for fuselage grey, and you can see the yellowish and thickness of Begemot decals is very obvious. The inner side of MiG-25’s massive nozzles are green, and I used C13 for it, and several iron/steel colours on outside padels with clear yellow/blue colour for burnt effect.


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Final remarks
The “Hornet Killer” is finished here.
I think it’s not only a piece of modeling work, but also a memorize to the war 20 years ago and also the people who have been involved in the conflict and even lost their precious lives.

And that is the very unique way only we modelers could archive, isn’t that?
Finally I’d like to appreciate Mr. Tom Copper for his special help for me during the built.

Yufei Mao

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Photos and text © by Yufei Mao