1/72 ICM MiG-25PD Part 2

Gallery Article by Yufei Mao on June 18 2013



The fuselage and wings: 
There is some tips to assemble the plane. First, glue the nose to the fuselage. Next, glue the inside part of intakes. Finally intake outer parts so that could reduce the sanding necessary to minimum. After all assembling. You can find out the sanding area is very limited indeed if you know the trick to assemble the kit. The white triangle parts on the intakes are scratch built SPO-15 blisters. 

Another big unique point of IrAF MiG-25s is the KDS-115 chaff dispenser on the wings which need to be scratch-built. The clear lights on the wing tips are from ELF’s resin ones. Drill a hole on the plane, then cut and use, so easy!

Discharge ropes are made by toothbrush nylons with super glue on the tip cut. Please notice that I used a PVD metal pitot tube for MiG-25 here.


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Landing gears and nozzles:
Front landing gear with some scratch built details and wiring. Note the small landing light which represented by a MV Product lens. The bare metal anti heat area of engine pod was protected and also the wheel bays (all in Titanium silver). To increase the strength of the main landing gears, some pillars are replaced with copper rods. Also some 0.1mm and 0.2mm copper wires are added. 

The tires are from my original brand Fairy Hobby’s resin sets. You can easily find them on eBay or just contact me directly for purchase.

The Click2detail nozzles. They are the products of the latest technology using CAD printer. You can see some steps of the printing trace on the parts and you really need to sand them down yourself, which is the only disadvantage.

Yufei Mao

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Photos and text © by Yufei Mao