1/72 Hasegawa Lockheed Martin F-16C

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles Goddet on Apr 19 2013



F-16C Oklahoma Air National Guard

    This model is a Hasegawa 1/72 F-16C block 42G.  I decided to show this bird with an attractive paint scheme with Indian chief head color markings.  This special scheme represents the flag ship plane 89-2138  for the 125th Fighter squadron from Oklahoma ANG at Tulsa.  This squadron was deployed at Balad AB Iraq in 2005.  This squadron has recently deployed planes at Nellis AFB NV for Red Flag 2013-2 (February).  I used FOX ONE 72-017 decal sheet, decals are very accurate. I followed FOX ONE instructions regarding colors, the upper grey FS36118 Gunze acrylic H305 and lower camouflage is grey FS36370 Gunze acrylic H306.  I added a light weathering because this plane was repainted by USAF paint facilities in 2 colors instead of standard origin 3 colors.


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    To enhance the model I used CMK resin and photo-etched parts from 7052 F-16C interior set (cockpit panels, HUD, ejection seat, gun bay and ammunition feeding, opened nose  and radar AN/APG-66 and radar bay).  This plane uses the Pratt  Whitney F100 engine with small mouth inlet.  I decided to add some armaments in accordance with a CAS mission exercise nowadays.  Two AMRAAM air-air missile AIM-120C, two Sidewinders air-air missiles AIM-9X, two GBU-38 JDAM in resin from MODERN HOBIES.  I also used add an AL/ALQ-184 counter measure pod on central pylon from an Academy kit.  To finish at right of the intake an AN/AAQ-33 SNIPER XR pod and at the left an AN/ASQ-213HTS pod from Hasegawa X72-14 Aircraft weapons 9.

    I hope you will like my model and pictures.  It was a real pleasure for me to detail this small plane and to see how USAF modernize these old F-16 to enhance there service life until 2030, F-35 are not coming enough fast!  In March 2013, 854 USAF F-16 are still active and 3063 in the world.

Jean-Charles Goddet

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Photos and text by Jean-Charles Goddet