1/48 Hasegawa F-16I Sufa

Gallery Article by Lucio P. on Aug 16 2012



Hi to all Arcers from Italy, this is my F-16I of the IAF Bat Squadron (119TH), based at Ramon AFB (Israel) in the 2005.

The main reference used for this subject went from Ra'anan Weiss' (Isradecal) book. 
The base kit is the old 1/48 Hasegawa F-16D with Isracast conversion (first release, the hard one...), I know Hasegawa today has a "ready to kick a.." sufa one but I've started this project many years ago... during final coats my cat tracked the aircraft and one bad day it was shot down with a big crash!! :-(

My intention to leave the canopy open vanished during the boring maintenance service.. I never used so much cyano in my life :-D


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I used a lot of other aftermarket items: a lovable Royale Resin nose, Aires Exhaust Nozzle, Black Box cockpit, Isracast 600 gallons tanks (they need a 9 mm correction like tanks contained in the Hasegawa F2), Paragon phyton 4 missiles, Eduard Brassin wheels and Isracast decals.

For the weathering I've used an old but good quality detail airbrush (richpen) with very light coats of Tamiya acrylic paints very thinned with isopropyl alcohol (more than 100%), the process require some time and patience but the results are well worth the effort.

A little wash with oils where also used into panels lines.

Sorry for my poor English and .. happy Summer to All!

Lucio P.


Photos and text by Lucio P.