1/72 Airfix Nimrod MR2P

Gallery Article by Tom Berres on Jan 27 2011


I built this model out-of-the-box as a break from my usual work.  The kit is really excellent--even out of the box.  Beware: on the starboard side tail there is a square 'window' in the kit that should actually be the APU exhaust.  I turned the window around to form the exhaust cavity.  Also, the part for the spotlight is on the clear sprue, but not shown in the instructions.  Unfortunately, the kit's decals show a dot pattern, so I replaced them with stencils and markings from Aviation workshop.

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I used Tamiya acrylics out of my Pasche airbrush.  I custom mixed the grey.  The 'Hemp' is actually Tamiya Khaki lightened with Flat White.  I really like the way that the Khaki offers different shades in varying light, much like the Nimrod's 'Hemp.'  Watch the antenna fit--it changed through the aircraft's career and even varied by airframe.

After decaling, a wash with tempera paints, Testors acrylic dull, and some pastel chalk weathering completed the build.

Tom Berres

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Photos and text by Tom Berres