1/72 Airfix Canadian Nimrod

Gallery Article by Harv on Dec 3 2010


Or: Never leave your vehicle unattended!

The story goes as follows. During a Fincastle ASW competition a few years back, the tradition of “zapping” another unit’s aircraft took a massive turn. Now, I wasn’t there. However, through some investigation, I got a picture of the two culprits, with the victimized plane. Hey, anything’s an improvement on a Nimrod! Them are UGGG-LEEE! And leaky too! Just kidding, Gents! 

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The kit is Airfix’s beautiful Nimrod in 1/72 scale, simply dressed up with a Leading Edge- supplied roundel. I had to mod some numbers to match the A/C in the pic, and still have some improvements when time permits. Gunze Hemp, and Model Master light grey were used. 

Thanks to my buds at 14 AMS Greenwood for the “inspiration”, especially Stormin Norman!

One final point to anyone thinking of pulling this stunt: You may be made to remove the offending decal, which doesn’t come off too well when the sun bakes it on!. And SOME people don’t have a Canadian sense of ha-ha!


Photos and text © by Harv