1/72 ZTS Plastyk MiG-17PF

Gallery Article by Dragan Cvetic on Aug 10 2010


Here is my latest work, a MiG-17PF of the Syrian Air Force during the Israeli-Arab wars.  Having always been fond of the Middle East Airforces, I decided to build this cheap and old but very nice kit.

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The work began with the usual, working the cockpit.  I had to build a lot of details from scratch.  The seat was modified just to capture the look of the Soviet KK-2 ejection seat.  The cockpit got it's real bulkhead wall and rails from scratch.  The pitot tubes were scratched from hypodermic needles and guitar wires.

Painting was done freehand using MM, Revell and Tamiya enamels.  During this build for the first time I used the salt chipping technique and I must say that I like it a lot.  The weathering was done using an airbrush and ink + liquid soap mixture.  I hope you like my little MiG.

Happy modeling,

Dragan Cvetic     Balkan Models

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Photos and text by Dragan Cvetic