1/72 Hasegawa F-16C

Gallery Article by Jean-Charles Goddet Mar 5 2010


1/72 Hasegawa Lockheed Martin F-16C Arctic Bandit.

This model is a Hasegawa 1/72 F-16C block 30D. I decided to show this bird in an aggressor arctic scheme. This special scheme represents the plane of USAF 18th fighter squadron Eielson AFB, Alaska in 2008. This squadron has a dedicated role to simulate aggressor planes and tactics for pacific USAF squadrons and foreign nations in multinational exercises like Red Flag Alaska. This plane 86-0290 is the flagship plane of this squadron with specific markings 18 AGRS on tail. I used TWO BOBS 72-072 decals sheet. I followed TWO BOBS instructions regarding colors, the upper and lower camouflage is grey FS33118 Gunze acrylic, white FS36628 Gunze acrylic H311 and black FS37030 Humbrol H33. I added a light weathering on paint scheme because in 2008 it was new.

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To enhance the model I used CMK resin and photo-etched parts from 7052 F-16CG interior set (cockpit panels, ejection seat, gun bay and ammunition feeding, noise open and radar AN/APG-66 and radar bay). I also used from the same manufacturer 7053 F-16CG exterior set (flaps, wheels, main gear bay, air intake, air intake cover, and engine General Electric F110GE100). I decided to add some armaments one exercice AMRAAM air-air missile AIM-120C, two exercice Sidewinders air-air missiles AIM-9M, one scratchbuilt ACMI pod on wing end pylon. I also used an AL/ALQ-188 training pod on central pylon made in resin by MODERN HOBBIES.

I hope you will like my model and pictures with squadron patches. To add some informations on 18th squadron I give you the result of my research on internet of the 19 aggressor F-16C and 3 F-16D with AK tail code that I found in pictures :

  • F-16C red 63 arctic scheme 86-0263
  • F-16C red 68 arctic scheme 86-0268
  • F-16C red 70 arctic scheme 86-0270
  • F-16C red 82 flanker scheme 86-0282
  • F-16C red 86 flogger scheme 86-0286
  • F-16C red 90 arctic scheme 86-0290 tail 18 AGRS
  • F-16C red 93 flanker scheme 86-0293
  • F-16C red 95 arctic scheme 86-0295
  • F-16C red 98 flanker scheme 86-0298
  • F-16C red 01 flogger scheme 86-0301
  • F-16C red 04 arctic scheme 86-0304
  • F-16C red 05 arctic scheme 86-0305
  • F-16C red 08 arctic scheme 86-0308
  • F-16C red 10 flogger scheme 86-0310 tail 11 AF
  • F-16C red 14 arctic scheme 86-0314 tail 354 FW
  • F-16C red 20 arctic scheme 86-0320
  • F-16C red 22 flanker scheme 86-0322
  • F-16C red 35 flanker scheme 86-0335 tail 354 OG
  • F-16C red 51 flanker scheme 86-0351
  • F-16D red 66 flanker scheme 87-0366
  • F-16D red 75 arctic scheme 87-0375
  • F-16D red 75 flanker scheme 87-0378

Jean-Charles Goddet

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Photos and text by Jean-Charles Goddet