1/20 Hasegawa Ma.K anti gravity Armoured Raider

Gallery Article by Dan Duna on Nov 12 2009


Here is a plastic model kit reissued by Hasegawa. It goes together well with no fit problems. Extra detail was added to the cockpit: the bezel dials were drilled out on the instrument panel and replaced with foil covered with clear red mixed with 5 minute epoxy. Buttons were added to the consoles with sprue and scrap plastic. The pilot was modified to show the "thumbs up" sign and has added harness belts. The rest was built straight forward, primed with Krylon in a can, then airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics. Paint chipping was done with a sharp dental pick, revealing the underlying primer.  A wash of grimy black and drybrush of Vallejo buff finished off the weathering. The eyes and sharkmouths were hand-painted with Citadel acrylics.  The engine was painted black, drybrushed with rust and silver, then washed with brown ink.

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The base was scrap perfect plank with Smith and Son's ballast sand, dried flowers from Michael's, and rocks from construction site debris. The Raider is suspended with a 3/16" brass rod in the base running through the middle anti grav pod underneath the model.

All in all, this kit was a pleasure to build, and I hope to see more kits like this from the Ma.K line in the near future.

Dan Duna

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Photos and text by Dan Duna