Gallery Article by Jorge Moreyra

Registration desk..and First Coast members at work.


The "First Coast" IPMS Chapter held their Contest on October 12th and 13th, 2002 at the Spindrifter Motel in Orange Park, Jacksonville, Florida. After about a six hour drive, we finally arrived around 9 p.m. the night before. After registering at the motel, we had a light dinner and went to bed early to get some needed rest. 

The next morning, we went to check up on the contest room and saw the modelers coming in with their prize possessions by the dozens, registration was in full gear, vendors were in action, and here I was without even having breakfast!. After rushing thru a quick buffet, I went back to the room, grabbed my models and finally registered. 


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Tables full of great models as you can see.

Vendors- Here we see John (back to camera) of John's Models trying to push plastic and Bob Hanes (The Book Man) after reading 35 magazines in a row!

I ran into quite a few friends, and after a few hellos, placed my models in their respective categories. Being a bit nervous (as I always am), I started to examine all other models in my category to get a "preview" of what it could turn out to be. I immediately realized I was in trouble in one category!. The level of modeling is very high lately as if everyone had graduated from Model Building University, except maybe I went to Model Building High School. Anyways, as the day progressed, more models kept coming in and with 14 already in one of my categories, "Split category" went thru my mind, but it never materialized.

I made it thru the vendors without spending too much, and at the close of the day, it looked pretty full at the model tables. A total of 430 models were entered, a great number for this show. If anyone thinks that 1/72 scale is dying, look again!..! have never seen so many 1/72 scale entries as I have this year in all the shows I have attended, including this one. (Hint to all you Manufacturers out there!). The next day, Sunday, was the award's day. The Second, Third and Honorable Mention trophies and ribbons were already placed next to the respective winners. Only First place trophies were held and handed personally. I have seen this before at other contests and I like this method best. It saves a lot of time, and they still call out the names of the ALL the winners.    

Tables full of great models as you can see.

These folks put in a lot of time and effort into making it a great contest and my thanks go out to their whole team. I managed to take quite a few pictures of the show and some of the models to share it with all of the readers at ARC, so without much further ado, let the Show begin!!. 


Your Road Show Host,   

Jorge Moreyra

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Vendors- This is the CAM decals outpost!...Rick, Silvia, and son.. I'm not quite sure what the young man is trying to tell me, though...(note finger up nose)

The raffle table was full of goodies !

That's Gil, from First Coast club, in action, calling the winners of the raffle tickets ..ticket number
785 ? Hey, that's me!!

Okay, now we get into the models........... Here is a 1/32 Tamiya Zero, which
appeared in an earlier ARC article,  in person. The close up shows the
sandblasting to good effect!....Yes, it was sandblasted for that weathered
look. Can't get any more realistic than that..done with a Paasche airbrush
and Paasche sanblasting material..


Another photo of the same 1/32 Tamiya Zero

1/48 scale FW-190F And  KI-84......

1/48 scale1/48 scale KI-84...... KI-84......




P40-K in 1/48 scale

Academy 1/35 CH-60S nighthawk...

Close up of
CH60S- great detail job...


Something that caught my eye was the ZP-14 Airship..Very nicely done........Beautiful Biplane!.A winner

For you airliner buffs out there, here is the L-188 Electra and an A310- Airbus in 1/144 scale..


A 1/72 scale F4 Israeli Phantom and a beautiful 1/48 F-18 that won 2nd place in it's category.....

This A-4 won first in 1/48 scale jets..It sure was sweet!....The A-10Warthog  in 1/32 scale.


Being from Miami myself, I got attached to this nice looking P-51 in 1/72 scale titled "MISS MIAMI"....A 1/48 Martlet nicely done.

Let's not forget about the Juniors!....An F-18 Blue angel and a very nice B-17..


A 1/32 scale F-4 Very nice and Out-0f-the-Box!!....A 1/72 scale German x plane and first place winner in it's category. 

A close up of a 1/48 scale F-86 , and a Naval 1/72 scale huey . Italeri kit was modified using documentation sent by the pilot who flew it..nice.




Photos and text by Jorge Moreyra