1/48 Dragon "Horten 229"

Gallery Article by Emad Tabsh


This is Dragon's 1/48 scale "Horten 229" flying wing.  I modified it using Reheats etched set# 77.  My main reference was Shiffer's book "The Horten Flying Wing".  The model was demanding in both construction and painting.  The use of the Reheat set required some modification to the kit's parts.


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The engines were detailed using thin fuse wire.  The area behind the exhaust nozzles is aluminum foil.  The yellow and white bands are spray painted.  The pitot tube is a needle.  Xtra colors and Tamiya was the paint used.  Decal are the one's supplied in the kit.

A demanding kit to finish, but patience is very rewarding.  

This model is dedicated to all the modelers in Lebanon.

Emad Tabsh


Photos and text by Emad Tabsh