1/48 Monogram Mirage 2000

Gallery Article by Thang Le


This is my Mirage 2000, in 1/48 from Monogram, built Out-of-the-Box. The kit was fairly easy to put together.  I had to make the refueling probe from scratch (so much for OOB, huh?).


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The Monogram kit represents the prototype of the Mirage 2000 at the time.  Some minor changes were made on the production type, I understand.  I hope the new 2000's having these changes in the kit.  I built it with the missiles and a fuel tank from the kit.  I understand that this particular Fighter Squadron never had the Exocet missiles attached to their wings.  But it's fun to look at them fully armed the way Monogram have them, though.

The paints I used were Model Masters.  I used light ghost gray and intermediate blue for the colors.  The nose radome is just aircraft gray.  Pre-shading was in order for this kit with all the raised panel lines.  I lost half of them during sanding, but who needs them anyway?

Decals from Astra.  This is the best sheet for this plane, if you can find them.  I ordered it through Daco products in Belgium, and Danny Coremans was kind enough to look around for the last sheet in his print shop.  Thank you Danny.  The sheet comes with a comprehensive booklet about the plane and the squadrons markings for this plane.  It's an outstanding illustration for the decals sheet.  I never knew anyone will go that extent for any decals sheet, period.  Marking for the Tiger Meet, and not much to say about the subject.  Enjoy the photos.

Thang Le


Photos and text by Thang Le