1/48 Monogram Mirage 2000

Gallery Article by Jeff Stoermer


This is the 1985 Monogram release of the Mirage 2000 in 1/48. I bought the kit at a local swap meet for $5. 

Although this kit is actually the prototype Mirage 2000, I wanted to make it look like a current production aircraft, that had participated in Operation Northern Watch. So, after a donation of decals from my friend and fellow club member Al Martinez (thanks again Al!), I created an aircraft from 1/2 EC of the Armee del l'Air (French AF). 


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Being an older kit, it came with raised panel lines, but I left them as they were and later accented them with chalk pastels. I wanted to do some major detailing to this beauty, so that included dropping the flaps (not an easy task), opening up the intake vents and doors, and superdetailing the cockpit to include a virtually new instrument panel. The stock kit weapons were badly molded, so after an unsuccessful phone call to Revell-Monogram trying to get replacements, I asked them for the weapons sprue from their Rafale kit, which they promptly sent. Using that, I added the Mica Medium range Air to Air missiles, and the Magic short range missiles. The fuel tank is the stock kit part.

After construction and actually painting the aircraft, I put it away for 4 months due to getting a little bored with it and almost ruining it while trying to hurriedly get it ready for a show. I finally got it finished, and was very pleased that I had waited, instead of rushing it.

For reference, I used World Air Power Journal #37, Koku Fan and my Aircraft of the World cards.

Jeff Stoermer


Photos and text by Jeff Stoermer