1/48 Revell F-89 Scorpion

Gallery Article by Andy Irving


Here's a model of my "original 80's" issue of the Revell F89 Scorpion.  It is finished with SNJ, and Black enamel.  


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Unable to find any suitable Stars ( until about 4 months after completion, I saw some in a store that I had previously checked out ) to use as stencils or masks, I made a Star stencil out of some clear plastic, cut out two or three  sizes, sprayed some decal sheet black and stenciled hundreds of stars, picking out what I thought were the best, I cut around them and applied 97 stars to the black areas, yellow stripes are strips of yellow painted decal sheet.  

Idaho Air National Guard stenciling on the tip tanks came from Rub On transfers found in a model RR Shop.  Painting of prototype can be found on rear cover of  the Squadron Signals 104, F89 Scorpion in action. 

Andy Irving


Photos and text by Andy Irving