Theme Days on ARC

Our Shrinking Planet

(National Birthdays and Historical dates)

Like most of you.....I continue to be amazed by the shrinking of our planet.  Not shrinking in a physical way, but more shrinking in a cultural and technological sense.  Through the Internet, I have met many people from countries all around the world and we all share one common bond....the love of modelling.  Through this common hobby I've confirmed something I've suspected for a long time.....people aren't that much different all around the world.  Colour, race, language and customs are different, but most people around our little globe seem interested in the same basic things.  Family, good times and trying to do a bit more good than bad as they pass through life.

Since I was young I've always been fascinated at the number of countries and flags around our planet.  Now admittedly to me.....other peoples flags don't have the same appeal as my own.......not surprisingly, people from other countries think their flag is more special than mine.

The ARC community is made up of thousands of people from around the world and I would like them to feel as much at home at ARC as myself.  A way to try to do that, is to have National Days on ARC.  It will start with July 1st....Canada Day and be quickly followed up by July 4th....The US Day of Independence.  Now as with all things on ARC......I'm keen to look at the positive and lighter side of things.  Political debates and such are not the goal here.  The goal here is that on a certain National Day....the content will try to reflect that country, so on Canada Day you'll see Canadian planes etc.....on July 4th you'll see American content........on July 14 I hope I'll have some content representing France and maybe on July 17th we might have some aircraft in Iraqi Markings.  If I get no content for a particular National Day then that is fine, I will have least made the offer and perhaps the following year things will be different and people from that country will send in some pics of their models in markings from their country.  Of course you don't have to be from France to send in a picture of a model in French markings, or from the US to send in pictures of planes in US markings.

What content would be appropriate?  Well, models in the markings of the country in question would be perfect or a model of a plane flown by someone from that country.  For the Test Post Clubhouse ....perhaps a joke that the people from that country would enjoy.  Product reviews could include modelling products relating to that country (decals of Canadian planes on "Canada Day" for instance).  Walk Around photos of planes in the markings of that country would also be good, but markings of planes painted up in special Flag Paint schemes or one off custom paint jobs clearly reflecting that country would be better. 

In the end....this whole thing will depend on you the readers to send in the stuff and clearly mark it for your National Day.  If no content relating to France comes in...then July 14 th will pass fairly quietly.  I will try to put something together as best I can, but I can't do much more than work with the few weeks of content I have on hand at any given time. 

The end goal is to make people feel good about themselves.....I want Canadians to come to ARC on July 1st and feel special and I want Americans to come to ARC on July 4th and feel special.  Along the way we will see many flags and shrink the planet a tiny bit further. 

This will also apply to Historical dates...any Historical Date with an aviation connect would be fair game.  D-Day planes on June 6th, Pearl Harbor planes on Dec 7th.....a model of the Wright Bros plane 'The Wright Flyer' on the anniversary of the date it made it's first flight etc, etc, etc.  It will be up to the ARC readers to decide if they want to send in models or articles for a specific Historical Aviation related Anniversary.

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Editorial by Steve Bamford