Walkaround #1024

"778"  AS-K21

These photos were taken by Jamie Denton 

Photos directly below were taken at Lasham Airfield, Hampshire, England on 16/09/2006 

778 is Lasham Gliding Society's basic glass fibre trainer and aerobatic trainer and is one of the most docile and forgiving training gliders ever made. It is worth noting that one glider's instrument layout is rarely the same as any others as the owners often replace factory fitted instruments themselves. Also, there should be a yaw string on the rear canopy (just behind the middle strut on the top) but this was missing on the day the photos were taken. Where I have only taken a picture of a feature on one side (e.g. of a canopy release), the matching feature on the other side is identical. 

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AS-K21 "778" Pitot Tube (Inside) Front Yaw String Right Front canopy Release


Front Canopy Emergency Jettison Front Instrument Panel Front Instrument Panel Front Instrument Panel Wiring and Canopy Hinge


Front Rudder Pedals Airbrake and Cable Release Rudder Peddle Adjust Strap Attachment



Straps Microphone and Parachute Attachment Ring Stick, Front Air Vent and Limitations Placard Airbrakes, Cable Release and Limitations Placard


Rear Cockpit Headrest, Parachute Ring (Red), Right Wing Pin(Green), Locking Pin (Orange), Airframe ID Placard and Right Wing Storage Hole Rear Mic and Storage, Note indentation for Drum Barograph in the wing Rear Canopy Hinges Rear Instrument Panel


Rear Cockpit Rudder Adjust Front Stick and Trimmer (Green) Rear Canopy Release Battery (inside left wing root storage area)


Main Wheel (This example lacks the wheel fairing) Noswe Wheel and Aerotow Hook Nose Logo Right Wing Root Join (Note the tape sealing the gap)


Underside of Wing Wingtip Detail (note tip skid) Top of wing Airbrake


Aileron Connector Total Energy (TE) Probe Tail Fin Overview Tailplane Top Surface


Tailplane Bolt (aka "the Jesus Nut") Retaining Wire Rudder Wires Elevator Rod Tailwheel (blurry-sorry)

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