Harrier GR-7

These photos were taken by Peter Morgan 

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Photos directly below were taken at Gioia Del Colle in Italy during Operation Allied Force.  At the RAF detachment 1(F) squadron at the time.

The 8 photos directly below were taken by Peter Morgan 

1000lb slick bomb. The main stay British weapon. Used in Kosovo in impact and air burst modes Harrier GR-7 loaded with 1000lb and BL755 cluster bombs Harrier GR-7 loaded with BL755 cluster bombs, AIM-9L sidewinders and a TIALD pod Paveway 2 laser guided bomb (1000lb)

 Photos 6,7,8 were taken just after the cease fire and show mission markings applied to the jets. They were all removed on our return.

Paveway 3 laser guided bomb (2000lb) and AIM-9L sidewinder