C-124 Globemaster

These photos were taken by Justin Davenport

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This C-124 is 0050 and was an airplane assigned to the 28th Air Transport Squadron at Hill AFB. It is painted in a MATS mid '50's color scheme.  The airplane has been restored by the 28th MAS Historical Society and Jake Garn's name is under the cockpit (not standard practice when active) because this was one of the birds he actually flew. (Jake spoke at our Year 2000 reunion) It was sitting on an Army proving grounds ready to be blown up for target practice when the 28th found out about it and requested it to be turned over to them for restoration. It was brought to Hill in pieces and what you see how is after years of hard work. It's still missing many pieces that we're trying to locate.........John Hellberg

Photos directly below were taken of a beautifully restored C-124 Globemaster in Utah  (with retired Brig. Gen - astronaut - US Senator - Jake Garn's name on the left side of the cockpit) were taken by me at the Hill AFB Aerospace Museum on two separate dates nearly two years apart.  (The picture of me was taken by my grandfather).  As a bonus, one picture has my handsome mug :-) right next to the giant front section of the Globemaster, and some of the pics show the F-89 Scorpion or B-29 as well as the C-124.  Justin Davenport

The  photos directly below were taken by Justin Davenport






tail wing tip