C-123B Provider

These photos were taken by Tracy & Jeni Saulino

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This is a C-123B Provider that lives at our favorite and local museum, the Olympic Flight Museum.  (http://www.olywa.net/ofm/ ) in Olympia, Washington.  This particular plane is a moviestar - it had a starring role in the movie "ConAir".   It was a rather dreary cloudy evening, so some of the photos may have a bit of a gloomy feel to them, but the plane is flying and well-loved.  And yes, that is an F-84 in the background that is badly in need of a tail section.  If you happen to know where the museum can get the tail assembly for an F-84, please contact me right away!  We'll take some photos of that as well, on a prettier day with better lighting.

The 30 photos directly below were taken by Tracy & Jeni Saulino