F-15E nose art from 

"Operation Enduring Freedom"

Special thanks to Jim Barrett, LeVander McGinnis, as well as Lutz Gretschel at F-15E Srike Eagle.com

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The 16 photos directly below were taken by a USAF photographer.


All aircraft below are from the 335th Fighter Squadron "Chiefs", Seymour-Johnson AFB, North Carolina.


"Kentucky Wompus Cat" - "Desert Princess" "Cruel Intentions"


Squeeze Play" - F-15E 88-1701 "Bomber Boy" - F-15E 88-1708 "Packinī Heat" - F-15E 89-0471 "Nowhere 2 Hide" - F-15E 89-0472


"Letīs Roll!" - F-15E 89-0476 "For Liberty and Justice" - F-15E 89-0486 "Lucky Strike" - F-15E 89-0487 "You Reap what you saw!" - F-15E 89-0496