A-7H and TA-7H Corsair of the Hellenic Air Force

These photos were taken by Nikos Zorotheos

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Photos directly below were taken in Greece

The 15 photos directly below were taken by Nikos Zorotheos

ejection seat that is used at A-7H and at the front cockpit of
 TA-7H(It is grey and the canopy breakers are down).
ejection seat that is used at the back cockpit of TA-7H(It is black and the
 canopy breakers are up).
TA-7H Cockpit TA-7H


A-7H right avionics bay A-7H oxygen bay A-7H left side A-7H left avionics bay


A-7H engine bay from behind A-7H cockpit A-7H TA-7H front


A-7 with LAU TA-7H engine (TF-41) TA-7H left side