Jet Pilot Helmets

These photos were taken by Tien C. Nguyen

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If you are interested in what flight helmets within the jet age should look like, then check out my collection at this link:  Have a look in any of the flight helmet folders.  If anyone wishes additional photos please feel free to ask.

As to my storey:  I'm a retired US Marine and I have been collecting helmets and models since I was 7.  I restore helmets to working condition as well as do custom work.  There is no country or make that I prefer, as you can see in my collection.  However, US and Russian helmets are easier and cheaper to get.  There are only a few more that I wish to get to round off my collection and they are as follows:  

RAF Mk.4A w/P or Q mask
RAF Mk.10B w/P or Q mask
FAF Gueneau 458
USMC HGU-68 w/MBU-23

The 16 photos directly below were taken by Tien C. Nguyen

The APH-6D was used in the USN. The DH41-2 was used with the RCAF. The Gueneau 316 was used in the FAF. The HGU-2A is of USAF origin.


This HGU-26 was used by the USMC Hornet "Stinger
This HGU-33 was used by the USMC Hornet "Stinger
The HGU-47 is a USN/USMC varient of the HGU-33.
The HGU-55 superceded the HGU-33 series of


The Mk.1A(M) was used by the RAF.
The Mk.3C was used by the RAF, this helmet
superceded the Mk.1A(M).
The Swede 111 was used by the SAF. 


The Tk-2 is currently used by the ChiCom AF 



The ZSh-3 is used by Russian and former Soviet
The ZSh-3B is an armored version of the ZSh-3.
The ZSh-5A superceded the ZSh-3 series of helmets
by the later is still in use.


The ZSh-7 superceded the ZSh-5A and ZSh-3 but the
ZSh-7 is usually found only in the high
performance aircraft such as the SU-27 "Flanker"
series and MIG-29 "Fulcrum" series aircraft.