A-26 Invader 

Fire fighting plane

These photos were taken by Robert Pionteck

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This is an A-26 Invader which now belongs to Air Spray of Red Deer Alberta, Canada.  It was purchased in Washington State,  USA and flown back to Canada for conversion.  It was one of three A-26 Invaders which appeared as Tanker No. 58 in the movie 'Always' with Richard Dryfus, Holly Hunter and John Goodman.  Some of the modifications required are, complete overhaul, 2 door drop system as opposed to U.S. 4 door system, etc.  Of specific note on this machine is the 'bubble window' on the port side and the modified leading edge of the wings along with wing fences, different wheel assemblies and chromed nose landing gear strut, antenae suit fwd of the cockpit glazing. It appears that this a/c was flown from the right had seat.

The 16 photos directly below were taken by Robert Pionteck