Su-30 Flanker

These photos were taken by Vl.Chernyshov & Sergei Galicky, Raghuram D.S.S.R and Sushanth Kondi 

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Photos directly below were taken of a Su30MKI at the AeroIndia 2001 airshow held at Yelahanka AirForce Station, Bangalore. about four rolls worth of snaps were taken in under 35 min by three of us. we got chased out in the 40th min.!!!! Special thanks to Sqn.Leader Mike Wood of No.XIV RAF Lossiemouth (Dambusters?!). 

The  photos directly below were taken by Sushanth Kondi 

AA12 adder 'aamramski'. pictured in front of MiG29 K Naval version. 
close-up of the remarkable Thrust Vectoring engine, the Al31F of the Su30MKI and realted variants, including the Su37. 
almost full view of the Al31F of the So30MKI. 
all the three landing gear oleos of the Su30MKI. note headlamps. too dark, will send better ones soon.


this shows the fuel probe of the Su30MKI in the retracted position. it is huge!
port wheel bay of the Su30MKI. remember only wheel, the oleo tucks into the right-angle of the wing and engine-trunk. rear part of ladg gear door covers the oleo. note actuator of the door for the wheel bay.
funny sight, pans were spread under the Su30MKI to collect some leaking oil/fuel i don't know what. they wouldn't let us close!
in this photo you see the landing gear locking pin of the port oleo. this pin is situated in a fairing on the engine trunk, just behind the oleo in the down position. it locks onto the rear of the oleo.


shows the nose gear. note headlamp. this one is the smallest and the lowest of the three headlamps. observe part of mudguard in last mail's ldgpan.jpg.
shows port nozzle of Su30MKI. its white! not black as many of us would expect! note long spine b/n nozzles.
this shows the interoir of the Al31F nozzle. funny russians, they put a red light in there, right in the middle! note color on the insides. i had to get in a good deal to take this photo. the nozzle is by no means shallow!
i'm not too sure if this is it, maybe you should change the name of the image. the seal prevents thrust 'leaking' from around the engine exhaust and the swivelling nozzle.


this shows the port oleo. note the actuator hydraulics for the door. wires bunched inside. gloss bright red on the inside of all landing gear doors.
beautiful model of the Su30MKI prototype probably number '01' or '02'. can't see number from this side. '05' that came to the airshow, was in grey/white/darkgrey scheme.
couldn't resist! Su30MKI '05' at the recent AeroIndia 2001 at Bangalore. superb camo scheme, if you ask me.

Photos directly below were taken at AeroIndia '98

The 2 photos directly below were taken by Raghuram D.S.S.R

this is a photo from the 98 show. this is a Su30MKI '01'. bay details are shown. poor photo. 
this is a photo from the 98 show. aircraft is Su30MKI '01'. beautiful snap of the entire front ldg gear. 

Here are some photos of new updating of the plane Su-30KN. While it is skilled model of the plane, has non-standard for Russian air force camouflage, but details of the plane are the same as a standard Su-30

The 7 photos directly below were taken by Vl.Chernyshov & Sergei Galicky