F-106A Delta Dart 

These photos were taken by by Robert N.Abbott Jr and Tracy & Jeni Saulino

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The 2 photos directly below were taken by by Robert N.Abbott Jr

NASA F-106 NASA F-106


This is a Convair F-106A Delta Dart from the McChord AFB Museum in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. This particular plane is, I believe, serial number 56-459.  

Oh, and the one shot of the wheel well area is really cool in that you can see right through the plane to the other gear. 

All the planes at McChord are outside displays and interior shots are not available, other than climbing under and looking up wheel wells.  If you happen to have more information about this plane, Tracy would love to hear it.  

The 19 photos directly below were taken by Tracy & Jeni Saulino

General specs left nose left nose insignia close-up


gear through wheel wells gear well detail exhaust right intake


right side right nose right nose close up of right side of windscreen

The second is the interior/cockpit area of a F-106A SIMULATOR they have inside.  Since we couldn't climb up and look in the plane's cockpit, this was, we figured, the next best choice.  We cannot vouch for the absolute accuracy of the cockpit of the sim verses the cockpit of the plane itself, but since this was the sim they used to train the pilots who flew the plane, we thought it was a good risk.  So ALL of the cockpit shots, remember, are of the simulator.

simulator instrument panel simulator instrument panel simulator instrument panel seat and right side panel

The third is a couple shots of the GE "Vulcan" 20mm Cannon that the Dart wears.  This was behind a glass display, so we had to play a bit with the brightness and contrast in order to show the details well.

gun gun