These photos were taken by Caz Dalton

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Photos directly below were taken at Carolina's Aviation Historical Society in May 1999

The 16 photos directly below were taken by Caz Dalton

This gives a general overall depiction of the bulged canopy, stance and such. The color is Light Ghost Gray I think (FS36375) with black stenciling and overall markings. Although I did not get a photo, there are Low-Vis National Insignia on the top port wing and lower starboard wing. there are no fuselage NIs, at least when I took these photos. From the port front fuselage, we see the markings, escape releases, retractable step, and a brief overview of the cockpit overhead panels. here is a close up of the instrument panel and overhead panels from the pilot's seat. Notice the center controls, radio mike, mirrors, and helmet. Here is a starboard fuselage front close up. Pretty close to the port, but notice the tube in front of the weapon and radar operators station.


Here we see the instrument panel from the starboard side. Note wipers and ejection seat handles. Also note the helmets again. This close up of the starboard ejection seat shows the various colors of the seat, harnesses, padding, cockpit, radio hook up, and oxygen hose. This is the port retractable step, which is spring operated and goes up in a snap, you don't want your hand around :>). Here we have the starboard rear the unique tri-tails. Also not the turboprop engine exhausts and wiring placements.


This is a close up af the port rear to show all of the various antenna and wiring, plus the underside red light beacon. Here we have the underside of the port wing showing the landing light and the port wing stores. Here is a shot from the rear of the starboard under wing showing two additional small weapons stores The same starboard wing from a frontal view.


Here is a close up of the port main gear strut. And here is a close up of the starboard main gear strut and wheel. An overall starboard view of the  main gear and gear bay. Here is a bad shot of the props, which kind of show what I was up against in the others, only they were even darker. no amount of Photoshop encouragement could rectify them.

Photographs Caz Dalton, Hickory, North Carolina, May 1999