These photos were taken by Mark Houpt and Ross Spenard

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The 7 photos directly below were taken by Mark Houpt at an Airshow at Grissom ARB IN

Nose gear ladder load master station load master station


left side of cockpit right main landing gear thrust reverser

Photos directly below were taken at the Abbotsford airshow.  My C17A photo collection.  I was talking to the Loadmaster for this aircraft.  It was really new, not even broken it yet - 30 hours on the log!! On the Monday after the airshow the crew / aircraft put on a little demonstration prior to their departure.  They moved the aircraft down the flightline, stopped, backed it up (while other aircraft can back up this one is actually designed to do it!) and jacked it up and down to display the different heights that the gear will move to.  Once they were in the air they made a slow and high speed pass.  

The 9 photos directly below were taken by Ross Spenard

Head on, overview Main gear, side view Winglet & formation lights


Tail, overview Wing, overview Engine nacelle


Main gear, mid-range Main gear, overview Nose gear, close-up