These photos were taken by Robert N. Abbott Jr. and Greg Wise.

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Photos directly below of the B-24J the Dragon and His Tail were taken this past fall at Chesterfield Co.Airport.  Note that the Dragon and His tail was formally the "All American

The 3 photos directly below were taken by Robert N. Abbott Jr.

The nose interior shot is of a B-24D (nose section only) that is in the Air
museum in Norfolk Va....though it is of poor quality.....it gives alot of
B-24J aft end B-24J Dragon and his tail

Photos directly below were taken at the Okeechobee airport in Feb 2001.

The 14 photos directly below were taken by Greg Wise

B-24 on Tarmac B-24 on Tarmac taxi to tarmac taxi on runway


engine engine #2 B-24 fly past gear leg


starboard aft starboard nose noseart nose guns


engines shut down engines shut down