B-24A "Diamond Lil"

These photos were taken by Robert N. Abbott Jr.

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No this is not a LB-30....nor a B-24D.....This is one of the original B-24A short nosed versions built. At some point in time it was modified to take the longer nose of the B-24D.....Note the Round Engine cowlings.....also at some point the windows were added (Executive Bird?)......I think it belongs to the Confederate Airforce.  Also note the 2 piece windscreen on "Diamond Lil" as opposed to the Multi-paneled windscreen of the B-24D and Later versions.  It is shown here over a period of several years. Also the nose art was updated at some point. You may be able to pick out the differences in these shots. This is at Richmond International Airport in Va.

The 7 photos directly below were taken by Robert N. Abbott Jr.

B-24A Diamond Lil B-24A Diamond Lil Port Eng. and Exhaust round cowlings


Instrument panel interior interior