These photos were taken by Ross Spenard

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Photos directly below were taken of a navigation trainer based out of Winnipeg.

The 20 photos directly below were taken by Ross Spenard

Overview of aircraft - head on 3/4 view from starboard side Overview from port side


Detail of tail markings 402 Squadron Nose gear, overview from side Nose gear, close up from side Nose gear, close up from straight on Main gear overview


Main gear, mid range, 3/4 profile Main gear, close up, head on Main gear, close up, rear view Overview of main wing


Inspection ports under main wing
Cargo hatch, rear port side Crew boarding ladder, port side.  Aircraft has a board ladder on the
starboard side also.
Some of the under wing flap detail


Engine Cockpit instrumentation
Overview of tail, starboard side. APU exhaust Overview of tail.