BAC Strikemaster

These photos were taken by Andy Smedley

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Photos directly below were taken of a Royal Airforce of Oman BAC Strikemaster.

The 21 photos directly below were taken by Andy Smedley

Head on view of nose, showing land/taxi lights. Close up of nose (port side) note high gloss finish and multi lingual safety arrow. Nose undercarriage (port) stbd similar. Bulges on undersides of intakes (port) also shell and link ejection fairings for G.P.M.G (General Purpose Machine Gun)


General view of port centre fuselage. Upper fuselage details Port wing undercarriage, looking aft. Port wing undercarriage, looking inboard. Port wing undercarriage, looking outboard (hub is gloss light gray).


Port wing tip tank, with red light in nose. Port wing tip tank, showing filler points. The vent for the 'cold drains collector tank' Under fuselage details, showing anti-col light, downward ID light and aerial looking aft.


Stbd fin, showing RAFO emblem (only national markings carried) Tail area, showing exhaust (note natural metal finish) Stbd aileron control rod (wing underside) General view of stbd wing pylon and drop tank.


Close up of intakes above stbd wing root, red and white panel is for fire extinguisher access. Overall view of stbd intake, note stall strip at wing root leading edge. General view of cockpit area. View of starboard nose.