Beech D17S Staggerwing

These photos were taken by Chris Hughes.

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Photos directly below were taken of an example at North Weald in the UK.

The 5 photos directly below were taken by Chris Hughes.

This shows the entrance door to the aircraft, one only at the port
rear of the cabin.  The door is wooden framed with leather interior.  The
pilot's seatback can be seen at the left of the doorway, the front passenger
seat is pulled back to allow the pilot access to his seat.  The corner of
the rear bench seat can just be seen inside the doorway.  To the right of
the photo is the hold hatch.
This is an upwards opening hatch.  There is a wooden sill and
the door itself is made of metal, lined with leather.  The interior of the
small hold, which is directly behind the rear bench seat, is lined with
beige cloth.  There is a rectangular curtain which gives access to the rear
of the airframe, which is doped linen on the usual frames and stringers.

This is the pilot's view.  The instrument panel has a blueish
hue and the control column is olive green.  As far as I can recall, the
throttle quadrant is at the pilot's left side.

This is the view from the front passenger seat, which is pulled right back on it's rails to allow the pilot access to his seat.  The floor is carpeted with beige coloured carpet.  The control column is in it's
stowed position and is swung over and locked in front of the pilot for flying!  Note, this is not a dual control aircraft.  The silver and red bar is a control lock.  Note the various pockets and switches on the cabin walls, the black roll bars and the wind-down window handles.  These are to
open and close the side windows.  There are also ashtrays on the window
This shows the back of the bench seat, which is a coarse
cloth material.  The doorway is on the right.