AIM 9 Sidewinder

These photos were taken by Kursad A. and Dave Roof

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This photo is of the AIM-9L Sidewinder.

This photo directly below was taken by Kursad A. at the Joint Services Day at Andrews AFB, back in May 2000.

Tail fin detail of an inert AIM-9L round.


These 2 photos are of the AIM-9L Sidewinder.

These 2 photos were kindly supplied by Dave Roof  

Note all of the different colors on both missiles.  As you can see, the missiles are made up of different components. There is the Guidance and Control section, the Target Detecting Device (TDD), Warhead, Rocket Motor and Wings.  The missile is received minus the wings and fins. They are attached to the missile by Intermediate level Maintenance Ordnancemen prior to being delivered to the squadron.  Contrary to what most believe, we have no say so over the colors of the missiles and do NOT paint them.