Saab Viggen AJS

These photos were taken by Anders Nowotny

Some descriptions and text for this walkaround were sent in by Sten Ekedahl.

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Overall view of aircraft, right front quarter view overall view of aircraft from right side. vertical fin, right side of aircraft overall view of aircraft, left side.


another view of the port side of aircraft view of port side, rear of aircraft. close up of right side of vertical fin All Viggens have the capability to fold the fins due to be easier stored at low hangars (or was it done to use them on Carriers…) Here it is a Jagdviggen nr 37369 at F10 waiting to be scrapped. All useable parts are taken care of before they go to the City of Halmstad where they are dismantled. Over 100 have already ended their careers here



vertical stab fold details view of nose of aircraft, starboard side. starboard jet intake Not an antenna but an air outlet.


squadron badge, starboard side nose. port side under wing, looking aft.   perforated port lower air brake starboard gear, looking foward


boarding ladder upper segment of instrument panel lower portion of instrument panel, control stick, and right side console. right side wall.


left console detail left console detail top of ejection seat ejection seat, and rear deck area


Rear access door for tail fin folding mechanism fin fold mechanism taxi and landing lights Forward access door for tail fin folding mechanism


tow bar attachment  nose gear bay avionics bays avionics bays


nose circuit bay panel The emergency power wind-mill Doppler radar antenna under the rear starboard wing, close to the wing
and just in front of the taileron. The opening visible at the bottom of the picture is the outlet for the reversed thrust.
The black pointed protrusion on the wing leading edge with the text
"AKTAS" (BEWARE) is a RWR antenna......
starboard formation light on leading edge


Port landing gear leg, and bay nose gear viewed from port side port main landing gear, looking aft. Left side undercarriage from the outside, note the little ghost located at the center of the wheel. The story of this is quit amusing: The aircraft was painted at F 21 Luleå, they put on a Ice hockey sticker from Luleå hochey and zapped it with clear varnish before returning the plane to the south of Sweden. What a shock for the Ängelholm´s pride called Rögle hockey, big rivals to Luleå. There was no other way to get it off than to paint it over.


The rear face of the starboard wing root fairing, level with the engine
exhaust. Rear clear navigation light is visible at the lower tip of the
fuel drain bucket  rear RWR antenna. All ECM equipment is
carried as pylon mounted external loads on the AJS 37.

aux air intake, a formation beacon and the nose of a drop tank 


The all red Viggen AJS "Martin 57"

To mark the retirement of the Saab Viggen from F 10 at Ängelholm a aircraft was painted all over red. The colour is that of the 1st Division, the Ghost have been their sign since early 1940th when f 10 was founded, first at Bulltofta Malmö, then moved to just outside Ängelholm 1945. The motto "The show must go on" has also followed them a long time. So what was more natural than combine all this in one great paintscheme.

The last official flight of "Johan Röd" was flown 11th of april 2000. Since then the aircraft is flown regulary to keep its flying status uppdate, the intention is to use it for the big countdown 2001, when F 10 will celebrate the End of the base with a big show. In 2002 F 10 will be history, up to that date they will fly the JAS 39 Gripen.

This aircraft have nr 37027, meaning it's a quite early individ, entered service 1973 at F 7 as an AJ where it served the most of its time. Modified 1978 and 1980 at least it came to F 10 on 16th of october 1998. Current flyinghours are about 2640 h, during more than 3000 flights.

The pictures are taken by me and Lars Jönsson during research to make Decals for this aircraft on 8th of June 2000.

The cockpit pictures regard to AJS, note that the Jagdviggen has a more modern and digitalized cockpit and radar equipment.

The pictures of the wing fold details are from a JA Viggen, taken the same day as above.

  Anders Nowotny


In addition to the story behind this aircraft there is a very nice video of it flying. A few members of the squadron also got together and recorded the song "The Show Must Go On!" (which also was the official squadron motto) originally recorded by Queen on their album "Innuendo". This recording is also used as the soundtrack on the video. I saw the video just a couple of weeks ago and I can assure you that it was quite emotional.

Best wishes,
Sten Ekedahl
Major, SwAF