Predator UAV 

These photos were taken by John Chartier and Jeff Stoermer  

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These 2 photos directly below were taken by John Chartier.

left front right front


These 12 photos were taken by Jeff Stoermer at Nellis AFB.

Here is a series of photographs I took of the Predator UAV, while I was out at Nellis AFB. Unfortunately, some are very brite, as the aircraft was inside a hanger and the lighting wasn't that good. This Predator is a ground static display only and is only used as such. It does not have the engine, nor any of the sensors of an operational aircraft, but externally looks identical to it's operational brothers. Hopefully this will make someone happy, as it's kind of an obscure subject. 

left front right front right nose camera ball


nose wheel and strut left main strut unit emblem unit emblem


rear prop left rear left tail serial number