F-16A Viper

These photos were taken by Kenneth Middleton and Daniel Soulaine

The Vermont Flag F-16A was previously used as a ground trainer for crew training.  When I delivered the  2 F-16 models I made for the 158th FW (in the ARC Gallery), Colonel Fick showed me the drawings they had from a local company to create the "film" to be placed on it - much like tractor trailers with product pictures. After the film was applied at the end of August, the jet was towed a few miles to a county fair to be used for recruiting.  The film is amazing - it actually looks like a photo with the seams and stitches that appear on a real flag. I saw it at the Burlington airshow in September. I don't know how long they'll keep the film on it.   Kenneth Middleton

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These photos directly below were taken by Daniel Soulaine.

The s/n of this a/c is 79-0357.  This a grounded airframe used for ground instruction and recruiting.  Note that if you look real close that it looks like jeans fabric, with many nuance.  There are also some red "overspray" over various areas.  On the tail, it goes from blue to black.  And finally, note that there is no vinyl between the ventral fins, it is still the grey paint.  Daniel

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Photos directly below were taken at the airshow at Burlington in Sept 2000.

The  photos directly below were taken by Kenneth Middleton