YF-22 Raptor

These photos were taken by Jeff Keip

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Photos directly below were taken at the USAF Museum in Dayton, Ohio, USA on Oct 25, 2000.  YF-22 Prototype. Originally had GE engines, now has the Pratt and Whitney engines.
The 40 photos directly below were taken by Jeff Keip

This webpage contains engine shots and airframe shots

lower portion of afterburner fairing for horizontal tail inside of afterburner middle section of afterburner. afterburner


Forward fuselage, port side. forward fuselage, port side. left inlet weapons bay


Left wing leading edge Left top vents and lights. middle fuselage, viewed from port. Aft fuselage, viewed from port


Port wingtip Top vents, port side Starboard leading edge fin vents


Aft underside Nose landing gear bay (aft) and bay doors under engine under engine


Under engine Under engine Rudder Hinge Aft fuselage, starboard side


Elevon gap Base of vertical fin, starboard side inner face of starboard vertical fin Upper side of left tail boom


aft fuselage, starboard side Dorsal Vent Fuselage, starboard side. Leading edge gap, starboard side.


Right top static port Right wing leading edge Right wingtip Right inlet top chine


right inlet top right inlet top forward starboard fuselage