Polikarpov PO-2

These photos were taken by Gábor Tóth 

Let me write some words about our Po-2 aircraft.
The plane arrived to Hungary in the late forties, after the soviets took over the control in our country. When Hungary asked permission to rebuild our aviation, that were collapsed after the war, the soviets sold their used planes for the civilian and military uses. The Po-2s took part both in sport and airline flights. This aircraft served as basic trainer, crop duster, and glider tower as well. During the years she was overhauled many times, and a small group of aviation fans decided to reserve her in flying condition. From the eighties she served on air shows as one of our oldest Old-timer. In 1988 she crashed, when her old pilot died in a heart attack during an air show. She landed firmly by herself, but the ground was too soft there, and she suffered some damages. After the operating team returned her into flying condition, she continues her career. She's got numerous nicknames like Aunt Mary, Sewing Machine ...
The photos were taken this September, on a Military air show, at a Hungarian helicopter base. the other Old-timer was a B-25 Mitchell, called "Red Bull"
Gábor Tóth

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The aircraft from right The cockpits with the windshields (not the original shape, and material) The tail fin and the elevators The right side with the control ropes


The tail fin Fuselage front from right, with gear, and wing hold structure Engine in detail Engine compartment from front


Engine compartment side view Right biplane in detail Fuselage-lower wing joint with strengthening rope Right biplane front view


Fuselage front from right Landing gear in detail Front view of the aircraft from right