Boeing B17G 

"Yankee Lady" & "Aluminum Overcast" & "Sentimental Journey" &  "Nine-0-Nine"

These photos were taken by Robert N. Abbott Jr,  Hawk and  Tracy & Jeni Saulino.

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This is a displayed ball turret inside the museum at the McChord AFB Museum in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.  It is listed on the sign as being for the B-17G.

These 3 photos directly below were taken by Tracy & Jeni Saulino

B-17G Ball Turret B-17G Ball Turret B-17G Ball Turret interior

Ball Turret And Interior Shots are of the B-17G Sentimental Journey at Richmond International Airport , Richmond Va.......Exterior Shots are of B-17G Nine-0-Nine at Chesterfield Co. Airport,Richmond Va.

These photos were taken by Robert N.Abbott Jr

B-17G Nine-0-Nine waist looking aft waist looking FWD  Aft end 


Turret Mechanism Ball turret from outside


Descriptions for these walkaround pictures were kindly supplied by Rob Minks

Boeing B17G "Yankee Lady" and "Aluminum Overcast"

These photos were taken by Hawk at the Smyrna TN Airshow. 

Nose Art just below Navigators windows.  Browning .50 caliber
machine gun mounted in left cheek window.  Chin turret in lower right corner.
Super charger air intakes on root of left wing which supply air to the inboard engine at high altitude. Left main landing gear. Bombardier's seat looking forward from the navigator's station.  The Norden bomb sight is mounted just in front of the seat.  The Bombadiers panel is to the left of the seat.  The gun sight for the twin .50's in the chin turret is above the seat and bomb sight.  The handles that controlled
the chin turret is to the right of the seat and was swiveled down in front of the seat when in use.


Left side of bombardier's station and part of the navigator's table.
The left cheek .50 caliber machine gun is in the center of the picture.
Right side of the bombardier's station.  The ammunition box and belt are shown connected to the right cheek gun. Pilots forward panel.  Shows a mixture of original and modern
instruments.  The navigation and communication radios in the middle of the
panel are modern additions.  The green handles on the lower console are the
throttles for the four engines.
Co-pilots panel showing modern and original instruments.


Center console between pilots.  The lower handles are the propeller pitch controls.  The four large handles are the throttles and behind them
are the fuel mixture controls.
Radio operators seat.  This crewman originally controlled the radios
and received all communications which he relayed to the pilot through the
Looking down through the open bomb bay doors. Bomb stations are
numbered on the bomb racks.
Vintage radios at the radio operators station.


 Radio operators table showing a large black radio and the operators
oxygen instruments and hook up.
Looking forward from radio room through bomb bay and into the
One of the two waist gun positions.  The ammunition box is in the
foreground and to the right is a yellow oxygen tank.  The .50 caliber
Browning machine gun is in the center.  Early model B-17's had open waist
positions but the later models had a Plexiglas window installed.
The retractable tail wheel assembly.  The view is looking back past the wheel to the tail gunners station from the waist gunners positions.


The interior of the ball turret.  The seat is to the right and the
gun sight is to the left.  The gunner looked out of the round window at the bottom.
Exterior view of the ball turret with the hatch open.  The gunner
would enter the turret after the plane was airborne by rotating the hatch up into the plane and climbing in.
Exterior view of the left side of the nose of the plane.  It shows
the hatch used by the pilots, navigator, bombardier and engineer to enter
the aircraft.  Also shown is the left cheek gun and the chin turret.


Nose position showing the barrels of the twin .50's mounted in the chin turret.  The Norden bomb sight is right in front of the bombardier's
seat and is visible through the triangular center window section.  The gun sight for the turret is at the top and the handle controls are to the left.