These photos were taken by Everett McEwan

This is one of two WP-3D belonging to NOAA and it is used for hurricane hunting and general research, the later it was doing when I flew on it. It is being used to study pacific winter storms and help improve the computer models used to forecast the weather nation wide, the project is called PACJET. It is temporarlly based in Montery CA for the project (where I took these shots) and it has a few weeks left in the project. I was there flying on it as part of my job as a TV News Photographer for KCNC Denver CO because those storms hit us a few days after they form, and I thought I'd throw those pics in too because you still get a look at the plane from those wider angles. The flight was a little bumpy but not as bad as some I've heard, and lasted 6-7 hours. 

By the way, the two aircraft are named Kermit and Miss Piggy (with Jim Henson's permission) and here is the artwork on the side of the plane. I flew on Miss Piggy but I also included a picture I took of a sticker showing Kermit's artwork. They also recently got a new G4 that they have named Gonzo, it flew out of Hawaii for the PACJET project.

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Photos directly below were taken aboard USS Lexington in July 2000

The 36 photos directly below were taken by David Lindsay

NOAA AOC sticker Hurricane Hunter Sticker nose candy cane


nose cameras nose gear art nose gear bay nose gear


generator inside main gear bay main gear bay main gear rear


Everett at work with his camera side view left wing from rear inside, drop sounds station to left


Everett McEwan Flags and hurricane mission markings Miss Piggy art Miss Piggy art


Kermit art belly belly radar belly


particle sensors from side particle sensors sonobuoy  sonobuoy 


tail under tail tail radar tail


vent ozone pod ozone pod side of nose and tractor